Apr19- General Meeting


Team of 23 people participated in the meeting at Parmiters school, Watford. The meeting was chaired by Kannan and Ganesh.

Key discussion points were

Below points were discussed and resolved in the meeting,

  • Shared inputs & views about Tamil Sangam models – various members.
  • Given quick background and Overview on CIO models.
  • Discussed about Pros and Cons about CIO models.
  • Got all attendees inputs about Tamil Sangam model and how we can take it forward.
  • Majority of Tamil friends mentioned to go with existing model. After certain years (approx 2 years), the Sangam’s organisation model to be reviewed and expand with rotation of new faces on the leadership.
  • First Charity Trustee’s duration to be reviewed (currently its 5 years) and upon agreement, updated on the relevant documents and will be shared with all.
  • Majority suggested and gave consensus to go with approach that leverage integrity and act on good faith. No election/voting for new trustees or directors.
  • Got all the Tamil friends inputs about Tamil Sangam module and how we can take it forward
  • Decided to go with Friendly approach and act as a family

Tamil Sangam – MoM – 28Apr2019_Public